Hemanext is a medical technology company based in Bethesda MD, with operations in Cambridge and Avon MA.  Our corporate mission is to support the transfusion medicine community in its efforts to save lives and improve patient outcomes.  Our distinctive focus is on innovations that promote radical improvements in the quality, safety, efficacy and cost of transfusion therapy.

Our current focus is on two distinctive technologies:


An innovative storage system for red blood cells and whole blood that is designed to preserve their efficacy and safety characteristics during storage, as well as to extend their potential storage life.

MVA (MicroVascular Analyzer)

A novel test and measurement system that provides both researchers and clinicians with a precise, highly sensitive measure of RBC deformability in a simulated capillary network using very small samples.

Both technologies have been developed with funding from private investors as well as grants and development contracts from the National Institutes of Health.