Hemanext is committing its resources to the continuing effort of the transfusion medicine community to save lives and improve patient outcomes. Our distinctive focus is on innovations in systems enabling blood collection, processing, storage and transfusion that will promote radical improvement in the quality, safety, efficacy and cost of transfusion therapies.

In pursuing our objectives we will:

  • Honor the invaluable altruism of blood donors by enhancing the therapeutic value of the blood they donate
  • Deploy a team of outstanding science, bio-technology and business professionals dedicated to the well-being of the transfusion recipient and to achieving substantial, continuous improvement in patient outcomes and healthcare economics
  • Engage all constituents in the transfusion medicine community in sustained, productive, respectful dialogue and partnership
  • Demonstrate in all we do a commitment to excellence, impact and probity

We believe accomplishing our mission will generate extraordinary benefits for patients, their caregivers, medical professionals, our team and our investors, and will contribute to the achievement of new standards of excellence in the transfusion medicine industry worldwide.