Recently, Dr. Tatsuro Yoshida, the Director of Research for New Health Sciences, Inc. was invited to speak in Italy at a conference organized by Centro Nazionale Sangue, of the Istituto Superiore Di Sanita, Centro Nazionale Sangue (the latter can be considered similar to the NIH in the United States).

The focus of the conference was on “Storage of Red Blood Cells and Clinical Outcomes: New Insights”.  Dr. Yoshida provided an update on anaerobic storage of red blood cells in addition to many other prominent physicians in this field who presented their research in this area.

It was an exciting day for New Health Sciences to be involved with such a great organization and leaders in the field of red cell research.  Italy is a highly advanced country when it comes to the treatment of hematological disorders such as Thalassemia, and research in this area could potentially provide improvements in quality and outcomes for these patients.